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Wondering how to quickly get from one area to another in Blizzard’s latest mobile game? Here’s how to fast travel in Diablo Immortal.

The world of Diablo Immortal is rather big, and if you’re wanting to backtrack somewhere, it can take some time to run there. Thankfully, you can fast travel in the game, and it’s rather easy to do.

To fast travel in Diablo Immortal, simply bring up the full map by pressing the mini-map in the top right corner of your screen. Press the arrow in the top left corner to zoom out to the world map, then select the region you want to travel to.

Each region has a number of waypoints, and you can travel to any of them providing it’s somewhere you’ve already visited. Simply hit the waypoint of the area you want to fast travel to, then press ‘Teleport’. That’s it: after a short loading screen, you’ll be in your desired area.

You can also fast travel by interacting with a physical waypoint out in the world. Simply stand on it and press the hand / interact button. This will then bring up the map for you to choose a waypoint or region to move to.

There are some important points to note about fast travel in Diablo Immortal, however. First off, it’s not available right from the very start of the game; it unlocks as you progress through the main campaign. You will not have to play very much, though, and during the early stages it’s unlikely you’ll need to fast travel anyway.

And it goes without saying that you can only fast travel to areas of the game you’ve already been to. When moving into a new area, you’ll first need to get there on foot. Later, you’ll be able to return by fast traveling from your map.

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