How to use a big bag with security in a work?


After having conquered many sectors, the big bags have made their appearance in the field of construction. More and more artisans choose these contents for diverse uses in their work. Sin embargo, many people ask how to use these containers without risk in the work. If you ask yourself, it’s natural. We have gathered some precautions to use the big bags safely in a work.

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Los Big bags for construction They are certainly intended for storage and transport of heavy materials in works. However, be careful when filling them to avoid accidents at work. The first thing to do before loading the big bag is to read its label to know the maximum load. In any case, this load must be overcome. Another thing to do is make sure you find a good place to fill the bags. Any space that is not stable or has sharp objects can damage the bag. If your large bag has been used once, make sure it is intact before filling it.

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Choose a suitable and safe form to transport the big bag

One thing is to fill the large bags well and the other is to know the correct way to transport them. When transporting your large bags, always choose a medium to lift the load. It is not safe, for example, to carry large bags full of large stones on your head. When lifting them, make sure that there are no tools that can damage the straps. Los big bags cargados deben levantarse y transportarse con mucho cuidado. Al levantar, nunca permita que nadie se cuelgue debajo de las bolsas en altura. If you have to use a forklift, for example, make sure that the forks are never tilted down.

Use pallets to store large bags in the area

Al trabajar en una obra, es posible que tenga que amazonar materials o residues en sus big bags. For this, it is important not to store the bags directly in the soil, but on a pallet. The bags will be easier to transport if they are placed on a pallet than if they are placed on the floor.

Use an adequate model for the task

This is very important. Not all big construction bags are suitable for all jobs. Therefore, you must choose and use the appropriate model for the job. The classic big bag models can be used to store and transport natural construction materials such as bricks, concrete, stones, tiles, asphalt mixtures without tar, pebbles, ceramics, tiles, wind blocks, etc. However, it requires a model specially designed for the storage and transport of asbestos. Big asbestos bags are designed to safely collect asbestos materials without leaking. This is not the case of conventional models. Además, for the transportation of wet and muddy waste, the use of big filter bags is essential.

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