How to Use the Warzone Underground Fast Travel System

With the Call of Duty: Warzone Classified Arms Reloaded update set to drop in the coming days, bringing with it Gulag Entry Tokens, Redeploy Extraction Tokens, a Serpentine Perk and more, perhaps the biggest news is that an Underground Transit System is coming to Caldera .

For those wondering what the underground mine tunnels are all about, here’s a breakdown of how to use the underground fast travel system in Call of Duty: Warzone Classified Arms Reloaded.

In Warzone Classified Arms Reloaded, the new Underground Transit System features 14 access points that are indicated on the Tac Map and minimap by a silver “vault door” symbol.

According to Activision, players who have kept a close eye around Caldera during Season 2 already know where seven of these access points are as they are the “hidden” Nebula 5 bunkers.

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