“I saw someone struggling with their bags” – Popular Arsenal fan Don Robbie details brief encounter with Venus Williams

Don Robbie, the founder of Arsenal FC fan media platform AFTV, praised Serena Williams and Venus Williams. calling them great ambassadors for the sport.

Speaking in a video by DR Sports, Robbie recalled a brief encounter he had with former World No.1 and seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams.

He mentioned that he helped the American tennis legend carry her bags up a flight of stairs when she was struggling with them. He revealed that he did not recognize her until he offered to help her carry her bags.

“I was walking up the steps, sort of behind the scenes sort of thing, and I saw someone struggling with their bags,” said Robbie. “They were quite a few steps down, so I was like, let me go and help them. I said, ‘Can I help you with your bags?’ And it was Venus Williams carrying all her tennis bags and I actually helped her carry her bags right to the top.”

He added that the 42-year-old was very grateful and appreciative of his help.

“Then she said thank you very much, really, really appreciate that,” he said. “Both of them, Venus and Serena, were great ambassadors of tennis, you know what I mean.”

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