I’m a makeup artist who makes women in their 40s look years younger – my top tips including the product that’s aging you

IF you find yourself trying to cover up wrinkles or dark under-eyes, avoid using too much makeup.

A makeup expert has revealed how to use a small amount of makeup to look younger.


TikTok user Amanda Lee Hill shared her makeup tips for looking youngerCredit: TikTok/amandaleehill

TikTok user Amanda Lee Hill, who also goes by Amanda Mature Skin Makeup, shared her tips for knocking years off your look, and the product to avoid on your under eyes.

Amanda explained that the best way to knock years off your appearance is to use less makeup.

“I don’t mean compromising on coverage, we are just going to apply differently,” she said.

The makeup expert advised her followers to enhance their skin using color.

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“I’m sure a lot of us have sun damage, if you add bronzer or contours on top of that, it can enhance or even make you look a little bit dirty. Only add color where color is missing,” Amanda explained.

She recommended: “[Use a lighter bronzer] in your temple area because the temple area typically has that blue vein. So it just gives a softer natural look, which will make you look younger.”

The TikToker also emphasized the importance of using contour to give a youthful appearance.

“You don’t have to be scared of it, we’re using just a small amount to bring back that structure. The structure is what brings the youth back,” Amanda said.

She added: “The goal with this application is to look 10 years younger, so don’t get sucked in to trend blush applications. Think about where you would naturally flush.”

And when it comes to knocking years off your look, the expert detailed an area to pay attention to.

“If you’re under 40, I guarantee your under eyes are going to have been where you struggled the most. You’re never going to use any type of concealer, we’re only going to use color editing,” she said.

The makeup expert demonstrated her under eye technique that knocks years off your look


The makeup expert demonstrated her under eye technique that knocks years off your lookCredit: TikTok/amandaleehill

Amanda demonstrated the back and forth technique she uses to rid her under eyes of dark circles.

“By using this method and targeted placement, you will get more youthful under eyes back. Probably been a while since your under eyes felt like a newborn baby, right?” the TikToker concluded.

Amanda’s followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on her tips.

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“I am so thankful I found you and tried this! I’m 37 and love my makeup and feel 25 again,” wrote one viewer.

Another user said: “My problem is that my dark circles are bigger than my friends circle.”

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