I’m a packing expert and you should both roll AND fold when going on holiday – depending on your clothes

A PACKING expert has tried to settle the debate about which is the best packing method – rolling or folding clothes.

Making the most out of space in a suitcase is something that people have always struggled with and some people swear by certain methods.


Some people insist that rolling clothes is the best way to fit them into a suitcaseCredit: Getty

Many insist that rolling clothes is the best way to fit the most in our cases, while others believe that folding is the key to taking more clothes on holiday.

Both methods were put to the test by packing expert Sophie Liard, AKA The Folding Lady, who provides people with advice on how to make the most out of the space that they have.

And it turns out there’s not a huge difference between the two methods. Instead, Sophie recommends using a mixture of both techniques to really get the most out of luggage space.

She said: “There is not much in it when it comes to folding versus rolling – trust me, we tested it at The Folding Lady HQ.

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“A mixture works well, depending on the material of the clothing and what is actually going in the suitcase.”

The approach recommended by Sophie is to fold specific clothes and roll others, in order to fit them nicely into a suitcase.

She advises: “As a general rule of thumb we’d advise folding the following items; blazers, t-shirts, underwear, jackets, anything delicate or with embellishment and rolling the following; thicker knits, dresses, tights.”

The hybrid packing and rolling approach is one supported by packing and tidying expert Marie Kondo, who revealed how she makes the most of space in her suitcase.

Marie recommends rolling thinner fabrics instead of folding them, as it will both reduce creases and wrinkles, while also helping to get them into a smaller package for your bag.

Packing certain items together can avoid them spreading out too much across your luggage.

By putting make up, cables and shoes into small bags or pouches, it can keep them separate from your clothes, but also ensures they remain compact.

Underwear can also be given its own smaller bag or pouch, while putting underpants and socks inside bra cups can also save space.

When it’s time to put everything into the case, Marie recommends packing “vertically” to make everything accessible as well as maximizing space.

That means, instead of folding items to be flat and then stacked on top of each other, they should be folded so they stand on end and can be lined up in rows from the top of the case to the bottom.

On her website, Marie says: “Fold clothing using the tried and true KonMari fold, which ensures your selected items are stored upright instead of stacked in a pile.

“This tactic will allow you to maximize space in your suitcase and you’ll easily be able to view all of your outfit options when you open your bag or suitcase.”

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Sophie recommends using both folding and rolling clothes to fit more into a suitcase


Sophie recommends using both folding and rolling clothes to fit more into a suitcaseCredit: Getty

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