I’m an Irish makeup expert & here’s how to make the most out of your fake lashes – it creates the perfect fox eye effect

AN Irish makeup expert has revealed the best way to make the most out of your fake eyelashes.

The hack makes them last longer, giving you value for your money, and creates a fox-eye effect.


You can make the most out of your fake eyelashes by following this simple trick
The lash hack creates a fox eye effect


The lash hack creates a fox eye effect

Lucy, posting on TikTok under @lucyblu_, took to the video app to reveal the best method for applying the lashes.

The makeup whizz used the Seven Deadly Sins “lust” lashes by SoSu which she claims are her “ultimate favorite”.

The lashes are perfect for the demonstration because they are evenly sized at each end.

Lucy said: “Can you see the way they are perfectly round. They are the same size on either end, they don’t flutter out at the outsides. They’re literally mirrors of each other basically.

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“So, I’m only actually going to use one lash. That’s all you need, one of the lashes. I have quite small eyes, so I only ever put product like eyeliner and eyelashes from my pupil put for that fox eye effect.

“This is why this trick is just unbelievable for me.”

Taking a singular lash, she cut it in half directly down the middle with a pair of small scissors.

Lucy added: “Once you have cut it in half, swap them so the outers are now the inners so you have smaller lashes on the inside which you should always do anyway, and they’ll get bigger as they go out.

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“These are your two lashes.”

The hack will not only allow you to get more use out of a pair of lashes, but will also create a cat eye effect by adding more drama to the outer corner of your eyes.

And the makeup lovers tips don’t end there – she also revealed the best way to put the lashes on without any fuss.

She said: “If you have trouble putting on lashes do this trick, it’s fool proof. So put your glue on your lash and very roughly where your going to put your lash, stamp the glue down and wait for that to get tacky.

“This is basically making your eye and the lash like velcro so your lash has something to stick to.

“Once that’s tacky you go back in and place your lash. Look at that stuck down straight away, no fussing, no moving. Done.”

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