Indianapolis to Remain Host City of NFL Combine Through At Least 2024

The NFL announced that the NFL Combine will remain in Indianapolis at least through 2024, as other potential bid attempts — including from Los Angeles and Dallas recently fell short in comparison:

Indianapolis has hosted the league’s perennial scouting event since 1987, and given its downtown’s close proximity to medical staff / facilities and relative ease to be able to quickly navigate from hotels, restaurants, and to Lucas Oil Stadium alike, and it never made logical sense as to why it was surprisingly open for bidding to begin with (besides money).

The NFL can dress up the NFL Draft as a marquee event that travels from city to city each year, but there’s only so much glitz and glamor to beheld from muscular athletes performing tests in compression tanks and shorts.

The NFL Combine should be about efficiency first and foremost, and that’s what Indianapolis has consistently brought to the event on an annual basis — as its unheralded host, albeit always with a hint of Midwestern charm (and lots of steakhouse options downtown).

Around league circles, Indianapolis keeping the combine for the next two years was met with both steady approval and high praise:

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