Influencers que apoyaron a Travel University defraudan a sus seguidores

  • The travel agency Travel University defrauded at least 50 people.
  • The influencers Jessica Fernández García, Andrea Leos, Farid Dieck and Regina Peredo promoted this agency a cambio de viajes.
  • While these “influencers” were in Europe and New York, their followers were defrauded.
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The consumer protection association Tec-Check has launched a collective complaint of 50 people against the travel agency Travel University. Through the complaint, they request a refund of their money, 1.8 million pesos, due to the cancellation of their trips.

In fact, the travel agency used social network users known as “influencers” in the promotion of its services. Therefore, the claim also seeks to collectively highlight the practices of the influencers who promoted this travel agency for their own economic benefits.

The influencers Jessica Fernández García, Andrea Leos, Farid Dieck and Regina Peredo promoted—disguising themselves as a personal recommendation—the travel agency Travel University in their social networks to change payments and travel to Europe and New York.

Through a press release, Tec-Check informed that it conducted a survey among those affected by the cancellations of the travel agency. In the results, the members of the collective complaint indicated that they bought the trips “following the recommendations of these influencers”.

At least 4 influencers are related to Travel University, which defrauded 50 people

Although the organization of consumers online solicited the position of Fernández García, Leos and Dieck, and proposed to support their followers and spread the rights of consumers, no response was received.

Sin embargo, en sus redes sociales esos supuestos influencers solamente se deslindaron de las malas practica del provider? even “le depositaron toda la responsabilidad al mismo”, pointed out Tec-Check.

“The collective complaint makes visible again the anarchy that exists in the social networks in terms of publicity and sale of products and services. This anarchy leaves thousands of consumers, especially young people, defenseless against influencers and deceitful companies”, explained the city organization.

In addition, Tec-Check urged the authorities to monitor and investigate, in cooperation with civil society, social networks so that consumer rights are respected in the digital economy.

Also, the city organization appreciates the support of the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco) to receive and promote the group claim.

Business Insider México searched for Travel University through its website. Al cierre de esta note no tuvo respuesta a la request de comentarios.

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