Interior: 5 ‘essential’ kitchen items to give your space that ‘wow factor’

With many opting to renovate and transform their homes, it is understandable why the kitchen is often the focus. As well as being important for potential home buyers, it is also an important space for homeowners. Wine cooler experts have shared five luxury items which could give your kitchen that “wow factor”.

1. Motion sensor taps

The experts explained: “If you’re looking to combine wow factor with practicality, installing motion sensor taps is the perfect thing to do.

“Being able to wave your hands in front of a sensor instead of getting dirty or soapy hands all over the handle is the work of magic and will automatically make your kitchen feel much more expensive.

“Motion sensor taps are not only convenient but add a sense of class to your kitchen. They’re also a great way to save water – especially if you’re prone to forgetting to turn the taps off.”

These luxury-style taps could bring the future of technology into the kitchen.

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“Investing in a wine fridge is not only the perfect way to add a sense of luxury and style to the kitchen, but it allows you to enjoy wine at its absolute peak.”

3. Quality cooking utensils

For those with a passion for cooking, stepping up the utensil game is recommended by the wine cooler experts.

Quality cooking utensils can upgrade a kitchen’s style as well as make it so much easier to cook meals.

The experts said: “Have you ever tried cutting potatoes with a bland knife? Or trying to finely cut onions with an old knife? It’s difficult, to say the least.

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“A quality coffee maker will gain the gaze of friends and family, and might even convince them to pop over to yours for a cup instead of the local Starbucks.”

Coffee machines can vary in prices drastically, with lots of different brands on the market.

5. Lighting

While LED lighting may not sound like a luxury, the experts said they can bring an “incredible sense of style” and color to any kitchen space.

Whether opting for spotlights or light fittings, LED lights can add a sense of warmth to the kitchen.

The experts added: “Bringing alternative lighting into the kitchen is a great idea for anyone wanting to add focus to different areas of the kitchen. LED lights can be fitted underneath cabinets and drawers and even inside cabinets to shed some lights into the storage spaces.

“Being able to turn on lights in specific sections of the kitchen is fantastic when cooking or preparing, and can add a sense of luxury to the space.”

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