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Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. (OEM-Informex).- On this occasion the San José Jazz Weekend festival will present its Ninth Edition next Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of May 2022, from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am, with closed street and free entry in the Plaza del Pescador de San José del Cabo.

As is known by the community, the festival takes place over a weekend, reuniting local, national and international talents from the world of Jazz, where the public can enjoy top-level artistic groups, giving an event de diversity y calidad, el cuál es pensado para la comunidad local, así como para los visientadores extranjeros y nacionales que año con año eligen el destino de Los Cabos. Many of them have become faithful followers of our festival, waiting for the dates each year to schedule their flights and visit us.

San José Jazz Weekend It is a production that includes the total closure of the street in front of Plaza El Pescador, as well as the installation of a stage in the middle of the street with great professional presentations that have allowed our audience to access a concert and a high quality experience. .

As part of the show, it will count with the participation of plastic artists who exhibit their works and talents during the entire event, including a guest artist who will be painting a mural during the event, among other amenities, giving a magical and warm touch to the festival, in donde gracias a todos los elements que conforman los visitors se llevan una grandiosa experiencia la cual transmiten al regressar su país de origin.

Raquel Rocha, Director and Producer of the San José Jazz Weekend, mencionó que It is a well-known event that has been projected as one of the tourist attractions of the destination, which contributes to strengthening the image of Los Cabos as a world-class destination, as well as for the coexistence that is generated between locals and foreign visitors, which es un elemento que ha enchantado a todos los visitors llevándos un gran sabor de boca al vivir el festival ya la vez convivir con locales. Por otro lado, the festival has become an important cultural and social contribution to our destiny.

Así mismo agradeció el apoyo de todos los sponsors, que gracias a ellos les ha permitido no sólo seguir llevando el cabo el festival, sino que siga creciendo. It should be mentioned that in its last edition of 2020, El Fideicomiso de Turismo de los Cabos officially named the festival as “uno de los 10 must por hacer en el destino de los Cabos”. We deeply appreciate Fiturca, Ayuntamiento y Asociación de Hoteles for the support that has always been given to San José Jazz Weekend”, he said.

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It is important to specify that the San José Jazz Weekend festival, se ha convertido en el fin de semana de JAZZ más esperado del destino given its format, which in the last years has received more than 3,000 attendees, both foreign and local visitors who come to enjoy a great artistic talent of the jazz world, in a familiar environment and to taste the gastronomy de nuestro destino, así como diversas actividades que se offeren.

The objective is to promote music, artists of great quality in the world of jazz, as well as art, in a familiar environment.


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