It’s time for public sector tech leaders to get serious about their skills

Canada’s public sector is currently lagging behind when it comes to the adoption of digital skills. The recent 2022 Digital Skills Index tells us that close to 70 percent of Canadians will not have the readiness to acquire and retain the digital skills needed to succeed in the workplace. The majority of the workplace digital skills they currently hold are at a beginner level. Eighty-six percent feel they are unprepared to meet the digital skills requirements of tomorrow.

A public sector workforce ill-prepared to meet the demands of its constituents is not a workforce set up to succeed down the road. Organizations in the grips of “skills need” must now partner with companies that offer alternatives to traditional degree and diploma programs, and in-class single-topic content.

A game-changer for the Canadian public sector comes in the form of Pluralsight’s workforce technology platform, A Cloud Guru – a platform tailored to those who want to become “gurus” in cloud or to be certified in AWS, Azure, Linux or Google Cloud . This platform is now available on the Cloud SAAS Supply Arrangement under the Unclassified stream.

With Pluralsight, tech leaders can evaluate the technical abilities of their teams, align learning to key agency objectives, and close the skills gaps in critical areas like cloud, cyber security, and data management. Pluralsight has the largest network of expert technologists in the world, and over 8,500 courses labs and sandboxes, with the ability to quantify impact and performance through state-of-the-art analytics and AI technology.

Pluralsight deepened its commitment to its clients by acquiring both A Cloud Guru and Develop Intelligence, which offers virtual instructor-led training, customizable for specific, targeted learning requirements.

The focus for Pluralsight, said its Practice Lead for Solutions Architects Public Sector Tony Holmes, has always been on providing educational opportunities that are not just about learning but retaining and mastering.

“People are able to assess where they stand, and from that determine what they need to learn next,” he said. “Our clear and methodical learning paths lead in most cases to mastery and certification. Coding challenges and labs give people practical, hands-on experience so they can hit the ground running post-learning.”

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