Itsuka’s Mother Threatens to Tear the Sweets Shop Family Apart

The following contains spoilers for Deaimon Episode 6, “Autumn’s Potato Moon / Dancing in Autumn Colors,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

From the moment Yukihira Itsuka and Irino Nagomu met in Deaimon, it’s been clear that Itsuka is desperate to fill the void her father left in her life when he abandoned her the year before. Though she has found a place at the Ryokushō Sweet Shop, Itsuka still questions the validity of that ‘family’ and struggles with self-worth due to the abandonment.

However, when a local sports festival goes in their favor, the Irino family and Itsuka are feeling pretty solid, with Itsuka growing more sure by the episode that she is a true part of the family and no longer needs to earn her worth.

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The idea of ​​’worthiness’ for Itsuka is a big deal; back in Episode 1, when tricked into making an excess of sweets, her first reaction was to run out to the street and try to sell them all by hand to make up for being bullied by so-called ‘customers’ taking advantage of her youth . Itsuka’s fear of doing something wrong and being abandoned all over again is a constant stressor on such a young girl.

Nagomu’s presence in her life is a wonderful counter to that, as he constantly not only cheers on her but proves through his own relationships that the people who truly care will give second (and third) chances. Participating in the sports festival holds some melancholy feelings for Itsuka, but she can mostly enjoy the time with her friends and new family, who close down the shop for the day to support her.

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However, this newfound peace is shattered when Itsuka’s birth mother, Yukihira Shinri, arrives from France with the intent of taking her daughter back with her. Their relationship is complicated as Shinri left Japan five years ago, but she is adamant on retrieving Itsuka and providing her with a stable life away from her renegade father – and in a place where it would be almost impossible for the Irino family to see her. regularly, if ever.

This is the first time in Deaimon that the concept of Itsuka leaving is truly a possibility, forcing Nagomu and his family to consider life without her. For Nagomu, Itsuka is the new normal, and the idea of ​​her leaving for France has him up all night strumming sadly on his guitar while his parents accept the reality of losing their adopted daughter. None feel they have the right to contest Shinri’s claim to Itsuka, instead setting up a meeting between the two so they can discuss the move.

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Due to Itsuka’s desire to reconnect with her father, no one is expecting her to turn her mother’s offer down. However, there’s not much question that she is happy at the sweets shop and wishes to stay; her mother respects that wish, though she does exchange contact information with Nagomu so she can be kept up to date with news and pictures about her daughter. Amazingly, things almost settle back to how they once were, even if Itsuka is a little annoyed at Nagomu taking her picture all the time now.

What made Itsuka’s mind up for her so quickly? If she is holding on so tight to the idea of ​​her father, it may seem strange she would reject her mother’s offer out of hand. Her father may have played a large role, if Itsuka is still intent on finding him again – she certainly wouldn’t be able to do so from France. Her mother has also been gone for five years, meaning Itsuka doesn’t have many memories of her, as opposed to the memories and promises she has with her father.

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She has been living happily making sweets and learning a good trade for a year now, and it could seem foolish to give up a stable home with people who love her for a mother she feels she barely knows. The situation will likely be much different when her father finally makes his appearance.

For now, Deaimon‘s little found family at the sweets shop is sticking together, and the support and love Itsuka has received from them made her confident in the decision to stay. Her father will present a very different story, however. Itsuka’s ability to choose between the family that chose to give her away and the one that wants to keep her will hinge on what she’s learned from those around her, and what qualities truly make a family.

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