Ivry-sur-Seine: the visit of the Minister of Culture, these young people have made a whole circus

« Vous êtes la bienvenue! », s’emballe Sana, 10 years, dans la petite yourte installed au Parc Monmousseau d’Ivry-sur-Seine. Facing her, the Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak, in a casual look, discusses with a dozen young people. Twelve of them are about to unveil a spectacle prepared for a week, in front of the minister and 200 Vitriots. “J’ai le trac”, glisse Alice, les yeux brillant de paillettes.

For the first time, the itinerary cultural center Les Frères Kazamaroffs took over its quarters in the city of Ivry-sur-Seine. Et il ne passe pas inaperçu: des caravanes aligned les unes derrière les others, et deux yurtées sur le terrain. “With the concept “Les yourtes dans ma ville”, created in 2015, we aim to favor artistic and cultural implantation where culture is less present”, presents Gérard Clarté, one of the founders of the company. For the occasion, Rima Abdul Malak made the move.

A moment of sharing and confession

In front of twenty children and parents sitting on a bench, the minister questioned those who had repeated the spectacle “La Famille Moleskine” all week, a mixture of circus arts, juggling and manipulation of objects. “J’ai surtout appris l’équilibre et à plus me concentre”, says Sana, au t-shirt rose. Outside, les répétitions de trompettes s’enchaînent. But the children’s eyes remain ébahis facing the minister. “Faut juste qu’ils se concentrent au bon moment”, said Gérard Clarté, confident.

Ivry-sur-Seine, vendredi 5 août. The minister of culture Rima Abdul Malak accompanied the company of the Brothers Kazamaroffs in the streets to announce their representation at Parc Monmousseau. LP/Charlotte Thiede

« Pourquoi vous êtes là? », interroge un garçon, le doigt levé. Rima Abdul Malak sourit à Gérard Clarté. L’homme ne lui est en effet pas inconnu. Former program director of Clowns sans frontières, an NGO regrouping more than 400 multicultural artists, she worked with the company Les Frères Kazamaroffs from 2001 to 2006. An experience that allowed her to go to slums, orphanages, hospitals or prisons , “là où on pouvait offrir des spectacles”, détaille-t-elle. “Today, I continue to offer culture as a minister, plus in countries at war, but in places where it is not present.”

Trumpets, chants and invitations

After a time of exchange, it is now time to invite the inhabitants of the district to attend the spectacle. The exit trumpets, three members of the company pose at every corner of the street shouting: “Oyé, rendez-vous au Parc Monmousseau pour une représentation de cirque”. Quelques têtes sortent des immeubles, curieux de la musique. « On arrival! », retorque a group of young people intrigued by the crowd. “C’est ça qu’on aime, du rire et des rencontres”, recalls Gérard Clarté.

Friday August 5  Ivry-sur-Seine.  The inhabitants of the neighborhood are pressed for the circus spectacle
Friday August 5 Ivry-sur-Seine. The inhabitants of the neighborhood are pressing for the circus show “La Famille Moleskine”, presented by the company of the Brothers Kazamaroffs. LP/ Charlotte Thiede

Nearly 200 patient people on plastic chairs installed for the occasion. Jade, Adem and Fatou sont assis au premier rang, les regards vers la minister. “On n’a jamais vu de spectacle de cirque, et en plus avec une ministre présente”, they say in a whisper. The representation can begin.

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