La revista ‘Science’ accuses the Supremo de EE. UU. de ignorar la ciencia sobre el abortion

The magazine ‘Science’ published this Monday an editorial in which it accuses the Supreme Court of the United States of America Ignore la ciencia en el asunto del: aborto, en el fallo que posiblemente retirá la protección legal de este derecho.

The text, signed by University of California professor Diana Greene Foster, is based on a study led by the author who investigates the effects on physical and mental health of a group of a thousand women from all over the country. durante cinco años después de tener un abortion o de haberles sido denegada that possibility.

According to the conclusion of more than four researchers who participated in this study, women who can interrupt their pregnancy have más probabilitas de tener un hijo deseado más adelante y son más capaces de mantener a los que ya tenien antes del abortion. Those who can abort are also six times more likely to make plans to improve their situation in the next case.

Por el contrario, las mujeres a las que se les deniega the right to abort tienen tres veces más probabilidades de estar desempleadas and four times more likely to live under the threshold of poverty.

The investigation, explained Greene, had the objective of providing legislators and judges with scientific data on the long-term effects of abortion in women, since the lack of studies was often cited as argumento para no permitir la interruption: legal del embarazo.

“The main conclusion of the study is that people know what is best for them and their families. The results are not theories or conjectures,” the author defends.

Greene advises the judges of the Supreme Court that they do not ignore these results in the question of abortion. “Understanding nature, causes and solutions to people’s problems.” one of the principal objectives and one of the major gifts of science“.

At the beginning of the month, the draft of a sentence of the Supreme Court was filtered that, if confirmed, would withdraw the legal protection of abortion in the United States, so that each state would have the freedom to prohibit it in its territory.

The issue has been installed in the center of the political debate in the country, with constant demonstrations in front of the Supreme Court and the criticism of the American president, Joe Biden, at the possible sentencing.

This Saturday, thousands of people in different cities of the country, such as Washington, Los Angeles and New York, took to the streets to protest the bill and defend the right to abortion.

The Supreme Court has confirmed the authenticity of the draft, but has clarified that it is not a definitive sentence. It is expected that the final decision will be known at the end of June.


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