L’éducation et la prevention de l’anxieté pour les parents et les jeunes

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According to a survey conducted by Fondation André-Boudreau, près de 90% of the parent respondents would like to have more tools and resources at their disposal to help them manage the stress and anxiety experienced by their children.PHOTO: iStock / Laflore

The Direction régionale de santé publique des Laurentides and the Fondation André-Boudreau jointly launch their third campaign aimed at preventing anxiety among young people aged 6 to 17 and educating adults and children on the subject. Pour le directeur de la santé publique des Laurentides, le Dr. Éric Goyer, this campaign allows “d’ouvrir un channel de communication” with teens thanks to humorous videos broadcast on social media.

While he recognizes that the campaign does not respond to the set of needs in mental health, Dr. Goyer estimates that this responds however to the desire of adults to have more resources and tools to better support young people who suffer. d’anxieté.

Dr. Goyer adds that access to care remains one of his preoccupations as a health professional.

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