L’Expression: Culture – Complaintes chaâbies sur des dissonances de jazz

“Hna W Lhih” (here and there), a prolific fusion of musical genres, with breathtaking arrangements of creativity, montée et présentée, jeudi soir à Alger, by Mehdi Djama, an artist with multiple talents, who succeeded in opening les complaints du Chaâbi sur les dissonances de jazz et la fureur des cadences latinos. During 75 minutes, the audience of the Petit Théâtre de l’Office Riadh El Feth (Oref), organizer of the concert, enjoyed this beautiful dreamlike tour offered by the saxophonist and guitarist, Mehdi Djama, who gave new life to a dozen pieces taken from the repertoire of the chansonnette chaâbie, recalling the creative genius of its different composers. “Hna W Lhih” is a “project that pays homage to the great masters, composers and creators of the chaâbie music, as well as the chansonnette, one of the most recent forms of the genre”, can be read on the presentation document of the ‘artiste.
Recalling the creative genius of the regrettable, Dahmane El Harrachi (1926-1980), Mahboub Safar Bati (1919-2000) and Mohamed El Badji (1933-2003), Mehdi Djama opened the field of universality to the songs of these great masters. has genre Retravaillées dans de beautiful fusions with other genres of music, notably jazz and typical South American music, six famous popular pieces, as well as two beautiful conceptions by Mehdi Djama, ont mis valeur the richness of the Chaâbi heritage and the creative potential of Algerian musicians For such an ingenious project, with high technical and artistic requirements, Mehdi Djama had to count on the support of Fayçal Maâlem, one of the greatest jazz pianists known in Algeria and the virtuosity of Sid Ali Mohammedi à la basse, Nael Kahouadji on violin and Fayçal Gaoua on drums and percussion. Dans une ambiance de grands soirs, l’artiste à la guitare acoustic and his musicians ont rendu among other pieces, “Habba ennassim” (n’çraf-jazz), “El Haraka wes’soukoun” (bossa nova) and “Aâlech del ‘gh’der waâlech’ (salsa).
The vibrant acoustic speakers with the rhythms of the dense sonorities of the instruments subjected to the minute settings of Raouf Bidjou à la console technique, the audience savored all the moments of the concert “Hna W Lhih” in the allégresse and the voluptuousness, applauding for a long time the “Mehdi Djama Quintet”. Alternating his tours of songs with the “Scats” (interpretation without text, where the voice becomes a solo instrument), Mehdi Djama also sang other famous titles, highly appreciated by the spectators, “Ma hajti b’dhey ech” chmaâ” (valse-jazz / berouali), “Net’haddeth maâk ya qalbi”(salsa-reaggae) and “Katbet’li Kiya”(berouali).
L’époustouflant Fayçal Maâlem gave a full performance, empreinte de maîtrise et de technique, both on the plan of the accompaniment in chords and that of the improvisation adorned with beautiful phrastic envolées, tutoyant the modal dissonances of jazz and salsa , as well as irregular cadences and composed rhythms. The same goes for Nael Kahouadji on the violin, who has mixed with success and great genius the spirit of improvisation with the different “istikhbars” rendered, embellishing them for moments with the ornaments of the “quarter tone” characteristic of oriental music. The audience who discovered this brassage of cultures that une fois les musicians sur scène also enjoyed the pleasure of Mahdi Djama performing two of his compositions on the soprano saxophone, “Motivation” (walse-jazz) and “Sad for Me”, une belle ballade aux allures melancoliques. My research in the world of jazz and Latin music, allowed me to discover great similarities between these styles and chaabi, so I was able to mix all these sauces to serve them in one dish. , explained the singer. Born in 1987 and from a family of artists and music lovers, Mehdi Djama, graduate in music, has long been accompanied by great names and groups of Algerian music, participating in a number of national and international events. Convinced by the APS that another project consisting of “rearranging famous jazz standards and pieces of Latin music and others, to bring them back to Algerian culture”, is currently being prepared, Mahdi Djama also revealed the upcoming release du clip de la pièce, «Habba ennassim».

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