L’Expression: Culture – Il se tient jusqu’au 15 août à Alger

Many cultural and educational activities linked to cinema, lectures, and entertainment are included in the summer program for children of several cultural institutions in the capital from August 6 to 15, announced a press release from the Ministry of Culture. In collaboration with the Center national du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel (Cnca), the Palais de la culture Moufdi-Zakaria proposes a fortnight of cinematographic projections with films such as “Le bélier magique” by Sadek Kebir and “Tales of Africa” ​​by Djilali Biskri Many activities for the young public are also planned at the Palais de la culture in addition to educational workshops linked to environmental conservation, astronomy or even robotics. For its part, the Office Riadh El Feth also proposes projections at the Ibn Zeydoun hall and the esplanade as well as shows for children at the Théâtre de verdure. For its part, the Office national pour la culture et l’information (Onci) participates in this program with activities programmed at the cultural center Abdelwahab Salim in Tipasa in addition to putting its mobile planetarium at the disposal of the Palais de la culture, for the projection in 3D of documentaries on astronomy. Two pieces of theater for children, “Khayal” and “The world of insects” are also planned on the stage of the opera d’Algiers, Boualem-Bessaïh.

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