Lincoln launches nueva Navigator en “MIllesime Weekend” por Guillermo Lira

This weekend, one of the best-selling Lincolns in Mexico, the icon of its luxurious and high-tech trucks was launched for the whole country in San Miguel de Allende, under the framework of the most important gastronomic event in our country and the platform The most important thing for this is Millesime Weekend, which has undoubtedly come as an opportunity to stay on the calendar.

So, among the most famous chefs from various parts of the country, the most renowned restaurants, the most incredible flavors invented in each creation and the most unique wines for each dish served during the weekend, a truck arrives that is equally incredible. en sus manejo, comparable a una experiencia de altura como lo fue el fin de semana.

La camioneta cuenta con todo, piense algo que desee y en Navigator casi le puedo segurar que está presente, hasta masaje en sus asientos, por lo que ya era famosa pero ahora los tiene también en sus asientos de segunda fila.

We were able to talk with Sebastián Casanova, director of Lincoln in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean, who presented all the weekend. , que es uno de sus vehicles de mejor venta, aunque se equilibra el volumen entre todas sus camionetas.

Navigator now in two versions, long and short, with three interior options for seven passengers, with or without the central console in the second row, and for eight passengers, it has been renewed in terms of aesthetics and technology, such as its headlights and lights. third dimension in the rear, new grill and new interiors with touch screens with the latest connectivity technology.

Navigator today starts at 2,166,700 pesos in its short and long version reaches 2,280,700 pesos, and there are some other versions that soon catapult it to the top of the exclusivity in trucks, but for now this is the only version of equipment Reserve call.

Para quien lo quiere todo, en performance lleva 440 caballos de potencia de un V6 de 3.5 liter “Twin-turbo” y una caja de 10 velocidades, junto son sus modos manejo, es sin duda el santuario de que habla la marca al subirse , but also the most exclusive place with so much potential and power for the daily road or carretera.

“I think that this is the most propitious moment to present our new Navigator, because its sophistication and vanguard is equivalent to the experience that guests can live in San Miguel Allende for this weekend, it is the same level of luxury,” I concluded.

So Lincoln and his new director general, led a path of new successes, now sell four trucks in Mexico, Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator and Navigator, among which the success of plug-in hybrids has been very satisfactory for the direction of the company. , and we promise three 100% electric trucks by 2025, with what the organization prepares for them while the client’s experience knows the Grand Touring as a great solution for circular power without emissions for several kilometers.

So, celebrating 100 years with the delight of all the senses inside Millesime, where the best restaurants are open and the “Rosewood Garden”, where you can basically live with them, try their great gastronomic creativity and celebrate what is un hito muy importante para Lincoln.

De hecho, three events, his first century of life, the arrival of the renovated Navigator and the first strategies 100% made for the brand as director of the region of Sebastián Casanova, of great corporate experience dentro del ovalo azul, hoy entiende al cliente , he knows how to specify and position the product, as well as communicate with the company at the level of Mexico and the United States, so that the product and inventory will surely be delivered to the brand at the following level.

Felicidades desde esta trenchera por los 100 años and the Navigator is born with an explosion of color, flavor and unique emotion this weekend in one of the most emblematic cities of our country in the vanguard of art, innovation, culture and the gastronomy.

Desde esta trenchera: “Felicidades, Checo”.


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