L’Oréal buys Skinbetter Science, specialist in dermatology

The boom in aesthetic treatments could be behind the last acquisition L’Oréal. La casa francesa has just announced the purchase for a non-revealed quantity Skinbetter Science. Una: marca estadounidense para el cuidado de la piel that has gained presence and prestige in the last years in the medical sector of that country.

Sus productos están disponibles principally en una selecta red of clinics of dermatology, plastic surgery and medical aesthetics en Estados Unidos.

That’s Skinbetter Science

Since it was created in 2016, its cosmetic advances have supported an exponential growth that has called the attention of L’Oréal. Behind: Skinbetter Science están sus tres fundadores. Jonah Shacknai, Justin Smith y: Seth Rodnerrecognized professionals of the pharmaceutical industry.

Skinbetter Science It has become one of the fastest growing skin care brands in the United States. Sus productos combinan ingredientes efficaces patentados con: luxurious textures sensoriales.

(Photo: Skinbetter Science)

L’Oréal afianza la división de cosméticos activos al comprar Skinbetter Science

The brand is known for formulating innovative products, with active ingredients that combat aging, hydrate, cleanse and protect the sun. It is also strongly supported by numerous clinical trials conducted by dermatologists.

L’Oréal affirma que: Skinbetter Science registered almost 95 million dollars in sales in its last fiscal year finalized in August. With headquarters in Arizona, the French company assures that the acquisition does not imply relevant changes in its management team, except that they will now be led by Christina Fairmáxima responsable de la División de Cosméticos Activos de: L’Oréal en Estados Unidos.

L'Oréal Skinbetter Science (Photo: Gtres)
(Photo: Skinbetter Science)

A future potential

The world president of this division, Myriam Cohen-Welgrynaffirma que la compra de: Skinbetter Science “It will contribute greatly to the mission of L’Oréal to be a pioneer in health and beauty, with advanced innovations for skin care based on science.”

In addition, the brand has a great potential for international expansion. Jonah Shacknaifundador y presidente ejecutivo de: Skinbetter Science affirma que la experiencia de: L’Oréal “it will allow us to maximize opportunities for aesthetic medical practices, patients and our colleagues.”

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