‘Love to the little one’: Babul Supriyo apologizes after family complaints of ill treatment at the lodge

West Bengal Tourism Minister Babul Supriyo apologized after a family complained of ill-treatment at a lodge in North Bengal’s Jaldapara.

Kolkata,UPDATED: Oct 8, 2022 06:42 IST

Babul Supriyo responded to a complaint by a tourist and apologized for the inconvenience caused (Photo: File)

By Suryagni Roy: Social media is often a place where we witness political leaders being trolled or slammed for their comments or statements. At times, leaders or elected representatives are seen indulging in a slugfest with the public on various issues.

However, a different side of this one-on-one interaction on the medium was seen when a tourist complained about receiving bad services at a government lodge, and the tourism minister apologized and promised to look into the matter.

West Bengal Tourism Minister Babul Supriyo was tagged in a post on Facebook where a certain Mrinmoy Sengupta openly spoke of how he faced difficulties at a tourist lodge in North Bengal’s Jaldapara.

“The Jaldapara Tourist Lodge staff’s behavior is not good. They are not considering a 5-year-old child whose name is on the booking list for a 2+1 booking for complementary breakfast. Never faced this issue in other West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation [WBTDCL] properties. When asked about that to the manager, he mentioned a fictitious circular which he was never able to produce. Staffs are argumentative and arrogant,” wrote Mrinmoy Sengupta on Facebook, where he tagged Supriyo and the state tourism department.

Reacting to the post, the state’s tourism minister apologized for the inconvenience faced by the family and even left a message for the 5-year-old child.

“I shall look into it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Love to the little one, and tell him Babul Uncle said sorry to him,” wrote Babul Supriyo.


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