Luz verde para el nuevo convenio collective de Les Arts

VALENCIA. The conflict between the Comité de Empresa and the direction of Les Arts is about to see the light. There are few occasions in which the workers of the cultural center of Valencia have gone on strike – or threatened to do so – with the objective of unblocking the approval of the second collective agreement. La última, hace algo más de un mes, una strike foreseen para la ópera Wozzeck que, finallymente, se desconvocó ante una nueva reunión con la dirección de Les Arts que bujaba la resolution de un acuerdo a corto plazo. And so it will be.

As this newspaper has been able to confirm, the convention has received the favorable report from the Dirección General de Presupuestos, a previous step and key to the definitive resolution of the issue. It will be the next week when the Comité de Empresa and the direction of the Arts will meet again to try to close the agreement based on the mentioned report, according to the plan, to be able to sign it in a few days, which will enter into force on 1 de septiembre

The approval of this new collective agreement has been one of the great internal conflicts in the Palau de Les Arts, a fire that has been causing several fires in recent months in the form of strikes and protests. One of the principals was coinciding with the last function of the opera Macbethen la que la “practical totality” of the workers of Palau secundaron el paro para denunciar que “llevamos 12 años con las mismas condiciones laborales”, declararon entonces.

The strike announcements – although in the majority of cases have ended up being canceled – have been the theme of the last months, months of confrontation with the Comité de Empresa that, after several weeks of cooling off, is expected to conclude in the next few days. cuando se dé luz verde al nuevo convenio colectivo.


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