Makeover: A refreshing new look accomplished with plant-based and gluten-free products

Kate Castelo came out with a radiant new look after her makeover by Nadia Albano

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Kate Castelo is a public relations specialist looking for a hair and makeup refresh using plant-based and gluten-free products.

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Kate has medium length and medium textured hair, which was previously colored. It was feeling drab and a little washed out and I wanted to add some depth and dimension. I opted for an ammonia-free and plant-based color that would not only provide gray coverage but also color longevity. I applied the outgrowth with a warm medium-brown tone and blended that through sections of her hair to soften her previously lightened hair.

Her hair had a little buildup on it, so I clarified it using the Oribe – The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo Beautiful to detoxify and polish away any dirt, buildup and oils. I then conditioned her hair with Oribe — Beautiful Color Conditioner for extra color and UV protection. I eliminated a few inches from her length and evened out and reshaped her layers to create a beautiful and tousled diagonal forward shape.

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Before styling I sprayed Oribe – Run Through Detangling Primer for added conditioning and blow dried her hair with a round brush. For buildable texture, I used the Oribe – Dry Texture Spray throughout the interior of the hair and finished her style with Oribe – Matte Waves Texture Lotion on the mids-and-ends for a beachy allure.


Kate is very sensitive to certain ingredients in beauty products, so we made sure to use as many gluten-free beauty products as possible. In keeping with her very simple beauty routine, I started by strategically applying a sheer application of foundation, followed by bronzer and blush. I them framed her eyes by filling-in and reshaping her eyebrows. To complete the look, I dabbed on a berry lip color and voila — a simply radiant result.

Makeup Used:

Example: MIFA All-Over Oil and All-Over Skin Dew

Foundation/Concealer: Tarte Amazonion Clay Foundation

Powder: Glo Skin Beauty Luminating Setting Powder

Brows: Benefit Cosmetics Precisely By Brow Pencil #4

Bronzers: Tarte Amazonion Clay Waterproof Bronzer

Blush: Glo Skin Beauty Blush in Sandalwood

lip: Glo Skin Beauty Cream Glaze Crayon in Heirloom with cream glaze crayon in heirloom with Glo Skin Beauty Lip Gloss in Sweet Spot

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