Edinburgh 2022.  Review:  MARK THOMPSON'S SPECTACULAR SCIENCE SHOW, Gilded Balloon at the Museum.Mark Thompson is the science teacher we all wish we had at school. He truly loves Science and isn’t afraid of a chemical reaction.

We enter the ‘Science Is Real’ song by: They Might Be Giants. Projected ‘fun facts’ teach us, that a sneeze travels at 160 kilometers an hour (oh Covid, how your presence treacherously lingers) and the stage is carefully organized with anatomical skeletons, plasma balls, empty cylinders, balloons and several yellow danger signs.

Mark tells us he developed his love of science at 10 years old. Impressionable kids around the right age, are eager to take part in the experiments. We begin with nine small film canisters, destined to become rockets. The effect is a pleasing pop to the ceiling, in varying small yet mighty degrees.

We are further treated to an array of trials, delighting those in the aisles with a vision of mini fire balls, tiny explosions, orange and blue fire flames, smoke rings, air vortices and exothermic reactions. We all love a glow stick, but here we truly delve into how vibrant chemiluminescence is.

Mark somewhat cheerily explains that he stayed awake for five and a half days in 2019, to break a world record. The tired parents among us yawn and shake our heads. We don’t ponder for long, as we are propelled into the wonders of Hydrogen peroxide. We are of course warned of safety first and never to be reckless with chemicals. With the success through the STEM Education strategy, this type of show helps the agenda, which is commendable.

Attend to learn about Elephant’s toothpaste, foamy bubbly marvels and whether blue or orange flames will impress you the most.

Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show, at the Gilded Balloon at the Museum runs until 21st August 2022.

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