Memorial Day travel increases tourism dollars

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Inflation continues to be a concern for many Americans approaching Memorial Day Weekend. Despite the rising and expensive costs of gas, tourism experts believe this will not stop travelers this upcoming holiday weekend.

“Travelers are going to spend their money differently than they have in the past, but there is a tremendous amount of pinned-up demand to get out and travel,” said Lisa Burke, Executive Director of Lincoln County / North Platte Visitors’ Center. “We are going to see a lot of road trips because people are not flying as much because those prices increased. That combination puts North Platte in the right place being off the highway and the interstate. ”

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the busiest for the outdoor recreational industry. This drought season, Nebraska Game and Parks has issued temporary campfire bans for many of the state parks.

“At the Sutherland Reservoirs and Lake Maloney sites, you can only have a fire in the game and park fire rings and keep them small,” said Julie Gieser, Nebraska Game and Parks. Lake McConaughy has similar restrictions. Fires are required to be constrained to fire pits and cannot exceed three feet. ”

Nebraska Game and Parks is working closely with local emergency managers and fire departments to monitor drought conditions and issue fire bans when necessary. Due to the regularly changing conditions, guests should call the park to learn about any bans in effect.

“Nebraska has a great park system,” said Gieser. “We work hard as an agency to maintain our parks across the state.”

“Us having a lot of outdoor activities and other great attractions make people want to stop here and have a good time,” said Burke. “Travelers want to do the activities that the locals do and experience the popular local things. We have built up a great tourism foundation in the community. It is a crucial, growing part for us because we have made this a better place to live in North Platte and Lincoln County. ”

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