Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development investigates ‘worker harassment complaint’ involving the municipality of Wasaga Beach

CTV News received confirmation on Friday from the Ministry of Labor, Immigration, Training and Skills Development of an investigation in Wasaga Beach.

A ministry official says it received notification of “a worker harassment complaint” involving the municipality of Wasaga Beach on July 25.

On August 3, the ministry issued six orders to the corporation of the town of Wasaga Beach.

CTV News has yet to be told what the orders were for, but the ministry did confirm that its investigation is ongoing.

Demonstrators in Wasaga Beach voiced their concern outside town hall on Friday.

The demonstration comes in the wake of a story aired by CTV News two weeks ago in which Wasaga Beach city councilor Joe Belange claimed a cover-up had taken place at the highest level of town hall.

Several dozen people were on hand outside town hall on Friday, protesting the allegations of a cover-up by the town.

“I’m very concerned. Coming in here as a new resident, hearing the stuff that we’re hearing, I think it’s time for change,” said Wasaga Beach resident Cindy Payne.

The alleged cover-up involves a town employee who was paid out to leave her job. This after claiming the town’s fire chief Mike McWilliam was harassing and mistreating her after an affair between the two had ended.

“We’re all angry, but we really want justice for this young woman. She lost her job. The fire chief didn’t. Council didn’t see all the details. We know there was a cover-up,” said Jeff Dennis, a Wasaga Beach resident.

The demonstrators marched for over two hours, with many saying they want to see Mayor Nina Bifolchi and Fire Chief resign.

CTV News reached out to Mayor Bifolchi at 1 pm for comment but was told by the mayor via e-mail that she was gone for the day.

However, she posted on social media, “I’m wondering if zoo animals have the same thoughts as me at this moment. People protesting outside my office about something they know nothing about is shameful. CTV showed up, let’s see if they can report accurately this time. Recognizing many people here who live in glass houses.”

A confidential town memo obtained by CTV News describes how the woman feared backlash prior to coming forward, knowing how closely Mayor Bifolchi and the fire chief worked. McWilliam is currently still employed by the town.

“Never have I seen such scandals and mismanagement as the last four years,” said Raymond Lauze, a Wasaga Beach resident.

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