Misión lederada por Fenalco sale rumbo a Venezuela

A group of 45 Colombian businessmen convened by the Federación Nacional de Comerciantes (Fenalco) and led by its president Jaime Alberto Cabal is traveling today to Venezuela, with the objective of exploring business opportunities.

This mission is realized in the framework of the reopening of commercial relations between the two countries and giving scope to the cooperation agreements signed between the trade union, Fedecámaras and the National Association of Supermarkets and Autoservices, ANSA.

“We have prepared an intense agenda convinced that this is the restart of a fruitful relationship, which will materialize in business opportunities for both parties. Organized merchants hope to contribute 40% to 50% of the businesses between the two countries during 2023; Cifra que puede alcanzar los USD800 million”, Dijo Cabal.

Los empresarios que participan de esta mission comercial pertenecen a los sectors de retail e industria de alimentos; insumos para la Construcción, Turismo, vehicles y autopartes y logistics, entre otros.

The agenda includes meetings with Fedecámaras, the Asociación Nacional de Supermercados y Autoservicios, ANSA; la Cámara de Integración Económica Colombo Venezolana, Cavecol; the National Investment Promotion Council – Conapri; The Venezuelan Cámara de la Industria de Alimentos – Cavidea y por supuesto meetings one to one with important Venezuelan businessmen.

También están contemplados sectoriales de exploración de negocios.

The mission has been supported by the governments of both countries, especially by the Embassy of Colombia in the neighboring country.


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