Muscogee Nation Citizens Travel To Alabama To Visit Ancestral Homelands

Some citizens of the Muscogee Nation recently traveled to Oxford, Alabama, the ancestral homeland of the tribe, before the Trail of Tears. After two days spent in Oxford, Alabama, about 75 Muscogee Nation citizens are back in Oklahoma feeling more connected to their past.

“To revisit Oxford, Alabama, the place of my ancestral homelands, it was a great feeling of connection to that place,” College of Muscogee Nation President Dr. Monte Randall said.

The tribe held commemoration and education events earlier this month in Oxford. Tribal Liaison Anne Townsend Edwards said Muscogee Nation citizens traveled from Tennessee, Georgia and Florida too. The events were also for anyone wanting to learn.

“We’re happy to share our story,” Townsend Edwards said. “We’re proud Muscogee people. We want people to know who we are.”

The tribe came back to Okmulgee with a few gifts from Alabama: A resolution from the State House of Representatives, and an apology from the Alabama Supreme Court. Townsend Edwards said as far as the Muscogee Nation knows, this is the first time the tribe has received a formal apology about the 1836 forced removal, from anyone in the State of Alabama.

“With sorrow and humility, they ask our forgiveness. And I’ve never heard a more sincere apology,” she said as she read part of the letter.

A nonprofit also gave the tribe a mason jar full of dirt from all 67 counties in Alabama. “They gave it to us in hopes that we would continue to come back,” Townsend Edwards said.

The Muscogee Nation said it would like to return each year and continue to connect with tribal citizens living in other states.

Townsend Edwards brought her son, Chiler, on the trip, sharing with him his family history. “Although our home is here now, that’s where my heart will stay forever, because I know that’s where my family came from and it’s such a proud moment for me to be able to have experienced that,” she said.


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