My Country, My Parents, debuted en los cines de Europa

The third installment of the trilogy Celebration of the National Day, My Country, My Parentsdebut en los cines de Europa

BEIJING, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — El 25 de marzo de 2022, la película de antología china My Country, My Parentsaclamada por la crítica por los cinéfilos y un fuerte impulsor de los ingresos de taquilla en China continental, está programada para ser relanzada en Northamerica, Australia y New Zealand, y para hacer su debut en las pantallas europeas. La película, codirigida por Wu JingZhang Ziyi, Xu Zheng y Shen Tengwill be released in cinemas in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg from March 26.

From the perspective of home and country, the film focuses on four Chinese families in different eras, paying homage to past generations that contributed to the revolution and development of China. The film adopts a unique and poetic narrative approach that will bring many of the audience’s intimate memories of the process through which China llegó a donde está hoy, junto con la importancia del grand afecto paternal entre cada generación.

CMC Pictures, distributor en el extranjero de My Country, My Parents, has a global network of distribution and marketing that covers 5 continents, 103 countries and 281 cities, which makes it the major distribution platform for films in China outside the national market. CMC Pictures announced that it will continue to help important filmmakers China a establishar una huella global y agregó que, donde sea que haya una comunidad china, CMC Pictures will also be there.

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