My favorite Lo & Sons travel camera case doubles as a purse

If you’re anything like me, your packing list for an epic trip isn’t complete without a camera.

And not just an iPhone — I’m talking about a DSLR that can capture the spray of a waterfall, that ripple of a sunset gleaming off the ocean waves.

That’s why, for years, I’ve used a leather travel bag from Lo & Sons that not only keeps my camera gear totally organized but also looks more like a purse that can be easily slung over my shoulder as a personal item at the airport. (I also tote it around during my everyday errands without any equipment!). I love the fact that I can keep some of my most expensive travel gear on me at all times but in a totally discreet way.

The 1.5-lb. Claremont fits a wide range of Nikon and Canon models, plus there’s extra room for a second lens (or a flash, if that’s your jam). It’s lined with quilted polyester and comes with a divider if you want a bit more padding. (Over the years, I’ve since removed that piece to store more items.) A tiny front pocket can fit two SD cards and a hanging tag can fit another — though I’ve never used them as I was afraid I’d knock them out, and I just don’t use that many cards!

Lo & Sons Claremont travel camera case

Lo & Sons Claremont travel camera case

Lo & Sons

The camera travel case comes in four colors: black, navy, brown, and gray. I appreciate the stylish simplicity of the design and golden details like the turnlock closure. When I’m not storing my trusty (albeit old, I know) Nikon D7000, AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm lens and charger, the Claremont can snugly fit my wallet, passport, lip glosses, and extra snacks for a flight. Sometimes, I even stick small water bottles inside. In the back pocket, I typically keep extra chapstick or my keys since it zips closed.

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