Naraka: Bladepoint August 4 Update Completes All of Takeda Nobutada’s Skills

Takeda Nobutada was introduced in Naraka: Bladepoint back in May, but it was only until recently that the developers completed his skill set.

Takeda’s remaining skills, Mythic Grab: Takedown and Demonic Aid: Engulf are now available thanks to the latest update. Using Mythic Grab: Takedown will prompt Takeda to charge forward and slam the first enemy with a blue Focus strike to the ground, grabbing their weapon in the process. Takeda gains a huge damage reduction buff during the use of this skill, ensuring that he does not sustain heavy damage until the move is fully executed.

Activating his ultimate, Demonic Aid: Engulf, enhances Furen with Demonic Force, turning Demonic Strike into Demonic Strike: Havoc. The empowered skill can be used three times before Furen gets sealed back inside Takeda again. Additionally, Takeda gains a huge chunk of health and armor if Demonic Strike: Havoc was able to cause damage to his enemies.

You can learn more about Takeda’s new skills here.

The latest update for Naraka: Bladepoint also implemented in-game adjustments. For instance, the maximum number of players in solo mode for The Herald’s Trial, Quick Match, and Bot Mode has been reduced from 60 to 48.

Here are some of the other changes:


Naraka: Bladepoint is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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