Natrona County Public Library to host special sale of ‘Star-Trek’ books, comics and more | Casper

Do you speak Klingon? Lie awake at night trying to decide on your favorite Federation starship? Or maybe just think space is cool?

On Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, the Friends of the Natrona County Public Library will be selling an assortment of “Star Trek” collectibles in the library’s Crawford Room.

In addition to a treasure trove of books, comics and games, more obscure items — like a “Star Trek” clock and Barbie and Ken dolls — will be up for grabs, too. The group is also putting other sci fi reading materials not related to “Star Trek” up for sale.

The Friends of the Natrona County Public Library raises money for the library and promotes literacy around the community — by donating books to schools, for instance. As part of its fundraising efforts, the group organizes seasonal sales where visitors can buy books from the library’s collection for cheap.

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But it’s never hosted a sale dedicated to a single franchise, said Sharyle Good, co-president.

The collection was donated by an estate, Good said. Its owner had been collecting “Star Trek” memorabilia for 30 or 40 years.

By late July, Friends of the Library already had 45 boxes worth of it — with “several more” boxes on the way, she said.

Anyone interested in attending the sale must register for an appointment beforehand.

Friends of the Natrona County Library started out with 90 appointment slots. Good ending adding up 10 more.

As of Thursday evening, only 20 remained.

The organization’s other sales usually draw between 200 and 300 visitors.

But the attention this one has received is impressive for such a niche demographic, Good said.

“Star Trek” has die-hard fans all over the world. And, as with any fanbase, they can get pretty competitive about merchandise.

Good said one man called her to see if he could have first dibs on some of the DVDs going up for sale.

“He wanted to know, could he buy them, and what the prices were going to be,” she said.

Good is happy to give potential buyers more information about the inventory, but the group isn’t reserving items for anyone.

As with the Friends of the Natrona County Library’s other sales, most of the collection will be sold for bargain prices: $2 or less. Rarer items will cost more, Good said.

To register for the sale, visit the group’s Facebook page.


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