New children’s book looks at George Floyd protests through the eyes of young girls

MINNEAPOLIS — A Twin Cities puppeteer has a new career I never imagined. During the pandemic, Ty Chapman tried something new, writing a children’s book with a deep purpose.

The marching, the chanting, the passion. Over the past few years, it’s become part of the become part of the Minnesota landscape, and it’s not just adults who are watching

“I think often we talk down to kids or shield them from certain information, and then they go to school and they get it anyway,” Chapman said.

Chapman knows how to relate to kids. He was a theater teacher and puppeteer.

“I was making marionettes — shadow puppets, for those familiar with May Day, the large scale puppets that would parade down the street,” he said.

Then came the pandemic. As Chapman tried to get back on his feet, another blow — the murder of George Floyd. He began mourning, and then he began working on his first-ever children’s book: “Sarah Rising.”

Ty Chapman

CBS News

“Its terrible that it needs to be written, but I think its necessary to have in the world,” he said.

The book is about a little girl named Sarah who lives in Minneapolis. She loves bugs and loves her dad. Her father takes her to a protest in honor of Floyd. She follows a butterfly and ends up between protesters and police.

“Part of what I want people to take from Sarah is that kids are acutely aware of what’s going on in the world, and that any one person can make an impact, can make a difference in the world,” Chapman said.

He says Sarah was the right character to bring new perspective to protesting. The book is taking off, and Chapman is already working on another. HIs hope is kids will open their books and open their minds.

“Sarah Rising” is currently available for purchase at local kids’ bookstores, Target and Amazon. Chapman’s next book, “Looking for Happy,” is about kids and mental health. It’s available on preorder.


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