NFL 2022 schedule release further shows league’s excess

The NFL schedule is being released tonight at 8. It’s on TV somewhere. Maybe you’re throwing a party. Maybe you’ve been doing Mock Schedules since you found out who (but not precisely when) the Bengals will be playing in the fall.

Somewhere, experts are rating the schedules. . . for 2023.

It’s all ridiculous, of course. But hand it to the NFL. No league does ridiculous better. Just when you thought you’d catch a football breather, the NF of L decides to turn the dates and times your favorite team plays into just another Christmas Day.

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It’s presumptuous even to suggest you need a football breather. Maybe you don’t. Super Bowl to Combine to DraftDraftDraft! to Schedule Release to OTAs to Training Camp. It’s all one big pro football sportsapalooza.

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