NFL offseason workouts evolving to help players

It’s the week before the week…

• Twenty-one of the NFL’s 32 teams kick off their offseason programs this week (only the Bengals won’t be underway by Tuesday morning), and that makes this a good time to check in on the impact last year had on this time of year.

You’ll remember back 11 months ago there was a fight over protocols, and the feel and form of the offseason program between players and their teams. Over time, most worked out agreements for players to come in. The Bucs basically set up two sets of OTAs — one for veterans directed by Tom Brady, and another for young, developmental types of ice by coaches. The Eagles scrapped all 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 work, and canceled their mandatory minicamp. The Dolphins had players wear flip-flops for walkthroughs.


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