Nikki Makeup shares the trick behind the smoked-out eyeliner all my celebs ask for

According to celeb makeup artist Nikki Makeup – AKA Nikki Wolff – a smoky cat eye is the look most requested by celebs. With over 12M views on TikTok, #smokeywingedliner is a makeup technique you’ve no doubt seen before. If not on a social media tutorial, then adorning the lids of A-listers as they shimmy down the red carpet. It’s glamorous, sultry and oh-so-flattering on every eye shape, so what’s not to love?

Most smoky eyeliner tutorials will tell you to go straight in with your eyeshadow brush, using tape as a template for that sharp wing effect. They may even advise you to apply liquid-liner first, softening it with eyeshadow as a second step. Both techniques are great, and can produce seriously stunning results… if you’re already a dab hand at slightly more complex eye looks, that is.

Nikki’s signature sultry cat eye, seen recently on celebs such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Simone Ashley, Hailey Bieber and White Lotus actress Alexandra Daddario, is in high demand among her A-list clients, but the London-born makeup artists insists you don’t have to be a pro makeup artist to master it.

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“I always use pencils as a base for every eye look I create,” Nikki tells GLAMOUR. “That way, the eyeshadow has something to grip onto, you don’t get any fallout and it lasts really well throughout the evening.” She goes on to explain that by using a creamy kohl pencil to map out your wing, you can blend and correct until you’ve achieved the perfect shape. “Just make sure it’s not a waterproof pencil,” she adds. “It’ll set quicker and leave you less play time to achieve the perfect shape.”


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