Omari Cryer’s family asks for transparency from law enforcement

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – On May 20 Omari Cryer was shot and killed by Federal Marshals. On Sunday Cryer’s family talked about what they claim is a lack of transparency from law enforcement.

LMPD was searching for Cryer to arrest him on charges of domestic violence, strangulation and assault. The department’s official statement said there was some type of struggle that ended with Cryer being shot.

One month after the shooting, Cryer’s family says they still want answers.

“I’m a grieving mother and I want to know why my son was killed the way he was killed,” says LaTonya Jamison, Cryer’s mother.

Cryer’s family gathered in front of the Gene Snyder Federal Building to ask for transparency from law enforcement.

“We want to know the truth. We want to know why Omari Cryer was shot and killed. We want to know why he was cornered. We want to know why you were not fully equipped to render aid in the situation, “says Nisha Jamison, Cryer’s cousin.

The body cam footage released by LMPD shows Cryer running from police with what appears to be a gun in his hand. After Cryer jumps the fence, he stands up and it’s hard to see exactly where his hands and the gun are. But he was facing the area where the US marshal was standing. Shortly after that, the marshal fires and hits Cryer.

The video then shows law enforcement trying to save Cryer’s life.

“Having a gun in your hand does not mean you deserve to die. Running and fleeing for your life does not mean that you deserve to die, ”says Nisha Jamison.

Cryer’s family claims there’s another video which will show there was no fight before the shooting. They say the official statement and body cam video released to public is not the whole truth.

“I’ve gotten the run around of why they were there that day. There’s a lot of holes and discrepancies in the stories that were told to me pertaining to that day and why they were there. But it’s not adding up to why my son is no longer here, ”says LaTonya Jamison.

On Father’s day Cryer’s family says it hurts even more that he is no longer here for his 10 children.

“We stand here on Father’s Day where normally we would be at his grandmother’s house having some kind of family dinner and he’d be making us laugh, he would be dancing, and having goofy songs for us. We don’t get that this year, ”says Nisha Jamison.

WAVE news reached out to LMPD about the other body cam video that Cryer’s family mentions. We’ve gotten no response.

It’s important to note that the US Marshal at the shooting scene did not have a body camera.

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