People gather at paranormal event in Cape Girardeau this weekend

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – People came out to the first ever Midwest Conference of the Unknown in Cape Girardeau this weekend.

This event features speakers, vendor booths, panel discussion and more – all concerning the paranormal and unexplained theme.

“It’s a gathering of people who have interests in unexplained phenomena,” Director of Cape Events Ken Murphy said. “Anything from the UFO alien phenomenon to the ghost hunter who everyone seems to be captured by these days. And, again my favorite, the cryptids, the monsters, the bigfoots.”

This event is unique to the Cape Girardeau area where people are able to meet and talk with book writers, researchers, artists and more.

“There are plenty of regions in the country that have these stories and where research is prominent,” Murphy said. “Cape Girardeau, very much so also since going back to 1941.”

Author Breanna Bright is from Cape Girardeau. She said it’s great to share local stories with people.

“Cape has a surprising amount of paranormal activity,” Bright said. “We have a lot of haunted buildings, cryptids, you ever heard of the Big Muddy monster over in Murphysboro, Messie in the Mississippi River. So, we definitely have our own set of fun spookies in the area.”

Muphy said this event came about due to the growing interest in the area.

“Events like these are very human based, very social,” Murphy said. “So you want to come and meet the person that you listened to on the podcast. You want to meet the person who wrote the book that you read and enjoyed, and the researchers that have published in magazines, journals and published books throughout the decades. This is the place to come meet them.

“Even if you don’t really believe in this stuff, it’s just fun,” Bright said. “It’s just fun to talk and look at evidence, read the books and see all the neat art that people have made. It’s just a good time.”

The event continues on Sunday at 10 am at the Drury Conference Center in Cape Girardeau.

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