Planning A Vacation This Winter? Travel Vlogger Mohnish Doultani’s Instagram Can Be An Inspiration

As the winter season rolls in, vacation plans are blooming. Sitting in their offices, people are searching for their tour destinations during their work hours. Such is the urge to have the best winter vacation. If you are one of them and are jotting down the dots for an international trip, then Mohnish Doultani can provide you with great help!

He is loved for his travel content, and why not? They are authentic, eye-catching, and valuable. Speaking about international winter trips, Mohnish suggests these places…

1. Dubai
There is something different about exploring this plush country. It is eye candy with jaw-dropping structures and futuristic elements. Mohnish also motivates you to go to Abu Dhabi. He calls it a delight for adventure lovers. After all, it is home to the world’s fastest roller coaster, the biggest indoor skydiving, the largest indoor theme park, great mosques, and whatnot!

2. Thailand
If you wish to go crazy, then Thailand is exactly where you should land. If you ask Mohnish, he describes this place as an oasis for adventurers and party freaks. Thailand has the world’s best full moon party, breathtaking viewpoints, and mesmerizing beaches. You should have a whale of a time here, just like Mohnish did. He considers this one of his best trips.

3. Goa
Winters are for beaches! And what could be better than Goa when it comes to relishing the cool breeze on a sunny day with the splash of the sea? Mohnish has already provided a list of places to visit and things to do when you are in this party capital. Sunset at Mandrem Beach, Fontainhas Street Walk, Arabian Nights at Oh La La, Bunjee Jumping at Jumpin Heights, Casino at Big Daddy, etc. are a few things, according to Mohnish, that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

To get detailed insights into travel leaflets of these countries and other places, you can check the travel influencer’s official Instagram at @mohnishdoultani

Besides these international trips, he has also suggested itineraries for various soothing locations in India, like Himachal, Dharamkot, Leh, Ladakh, and many more. It was in the year 2019 when Mohnish realized his calling for travel vlogging. Today, he has more than 200k followers and amasses millions of views on his maximum reels. He has also worked with brands like Malaysia Tourism, Visit Abu Dhabi, Niyo Global, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, The Westin Goa, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and more.


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