Plastic bags become art at the upcoming Bucharest exhibition

Thousands of plastic bags have been transformed into a participatory art installation that will be exhibited at the Rezidența9 cultural hub in Bucharest starting on September 30. The event is part of a wider project called One Minute Older that brings an artistic perspective on sustainability, aiming to raise awareness of the impact plastic has on people’s lives.

The bags were collected as part of the #PungaCuPungi campaign, through which people donated plastic for the exhibition. During five sessions of public workshops, artists Lumi Mihai, Mugur Grosu, Suzana Dan, Alexandra Dumitrescu, Emil Ghiță, Raluca Paraschiv, and Vasile Leac turned the collected plastic into an art installation.

The One Minute Older exhibition will also include sound installations that explore the presence of plastic in human existence. These are signed by artists Gheorghe Iosif/dyslex, Andrei Predescu, Manu Ștefan, Toma Ștefănescu, and Anca Țintea.

The opening of the exhibition is part of the White Night of Galleries program, which means that the space will remain open until midnight on Friday, September 30.

In addition to the exhibition that can be visited until October 20, the One Minute Older project includes two other sections. The One Minute Older Talks will bring together experts from different fields and explore how they relate to the theme of sustainability, while the One Minute Older Films will propose a selection of films about possible solutions to environmental problems facing countries in Africa or Central America.

Further details will be announced soon on the Rezidença9 channels.

Participants are also encouraged to sign a petition launched by Climate of Change, a consortium of organizations from 23 European countries, demanding urgent action from European leaders to protect the environment.

The One Minute Older project is initiated by Fundația9 and Rezidența9 and is the winner of a grant from the Climate of Change program.

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(Photo source: the organizers)

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