Ponce Health Science University offers free psychological aid to citizens Universities:

The Ponce Health Science University (PSHU) opened several phone lines through the Wellness Center program under the OYE theme to offer psychological help free of cost to people affected by the passage of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico. Although the effort is directed mainly to residents of the areas south, center and south west of Puerto Rico, any person who wants it can call to receive the service.

As explained by the director of the PHSU Wellness Center, Juliette Rivera, those interested in the service, which will only be available via telephone, do not have to offer information on their medical plan or any other document. “The purpose of this effort is to offer support to all people who need to talk, express or vent what they feel in this difficult moment for many. Queremos escucharlos, que no se sientan solos, que encuenten en nuestros specialists con quién compartir su experiencia”, said Rivera.

The doctor explained that a group of professionals experts in mental health, such as psychologists from the PHSU Wellness Center, interns and psychologists, as well as psychologists from the Faculty of Neural and Behavioral Sciences of Ponce Health Sciences University, will answer calls through (787 ) 787-812-2525 extensions: 5814/5899 and 5510.

Services will be offered from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday while the emergency lasts. “They have been very complicated years for the south and the southeast of Puerto Rico. The experience of the past five years tells us that there is much need for mental health services. That’s why we trust that, through this effort, the affected people will find a space to be listened to,” said Rivera.

To learn more about Ponce Health Sciences University, interested persons can visit www.psm.edu or the PHSU Wellness Center Facebook page @PHSUWellnessCenter

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