Prince Harry’s memoir will have to duke it out with competing Royal books

He made light of the potential publishing clash with the Duke’s memoir, admitting: “When I first heard that Prince Harry was writing a book, I have to say that I was a little bit put out.

“It meant that my publisher said that I had to bring my book out before him, so I had to write really quickly.

I joked: “It was all a bit annoying.

“But then I saw the good side. Think of the publicity opportunities, Harry! We could do the chat shows together, and breakfast telly. We’d make a great double act.

“You could tell them how awful the media is, and I could tell them how fun you used to be, before it all went wrong.

“Anyway, call my agent. We’ll sort something out.”

Speculation about the title of Duke’s book

The publishing industry is already speculating about the title of the Duke’s autobiography, with insiders believing it could follow the trend set by his ghostwriter for a previous successful biography, or big-name signings such as Michelle Obama.

Both opted for striking one-word titles: JR Moehringer’s collaboration with Andre Agassi was called Open, while Mrs Obama went for Becoming.

Guesses about the Duke’s offering range from the straightforward Prince or Harry, to the more whimsical Truth.

In July 2021 when the book was first announced, the Duke said he was “excited for people to read a firsthand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful”.

The autobiography could also face on-screen competition from the Duke and Duchess’s own Netflix series – which their team has never confirmed and has previously emphatically denied is a “reality” show or fly-on-the-wall documentary.

Expected to run to multiple episodes, the show is rumored to be out towards the end of this year and follow the Sussexes at work.

Page Six, the showbiz section of the New York Post, has recently referred to it as an “at home”-style program, with camera crews spotted filming Prince Harry and Meghan at outings, including a quasi-tour to New York and at the ONE

On the same streaming service, a new series of The Crown will dramatize its own version of the Duke’s early life as it tracks the scandal of his parents’ marriage as it unraveled.

Low’s book will be published on Sept 29, Levin’s is due on Nov 10 and Scobie’s is out next year.


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