Quick and Easy Makeup Hacks for Finals Week

These tips and tricks will have you looking better than ever while spending minimal time on your makeup routine for finals week.

Let’s face it, everyone’s stress levels are at an all-time high while motivation is nonexistent for finals week, and the last thing on the priority list is making sure your face is on fleek. These helpful tricks and hacks will cut your makeup routine in half while still slaying the look!


When it comes to finals week, putting makeup on only the necessities is key for time-saving purposes and efficiency. If you have time put highlighter and contour on and a generous layer of mascara. If you are a pro, liquid liner could be done as well. This look takes under 5 minutes but still looks flawless and put together. If you are in a hurry, skipping the contour will save time.


Embracing the natural look on your face can benefit you and your skin. If we are feeling confident enough applying a thin layer of liquid highlighter and mascara can make you look like you are naturally glowing in a matter of minutes. This gives your skin and pores time to breathe, which is also a win-win all around.


Sometimes all our skin needs is a good layer of moisturization. Let’s face it, on the days that we roll out of bed and absolutely dread putting any product on our faces, just putting on the tiniest bit of effort can still make a difference. Applying coconut oil or lotion generously all over the face and neck can make you glow naturally and leave you with a dewy finish.


When in a hurry focus on the three main categories eyes, lips, and face. Applying press powder and concealer on problem areas takes no time at all and mascara can be achieved in under a minute. Lining lips and putting gloss on top gives you that effortless natural look that everyone is always trying to achieve.


Whenever I have been in a pinch for time but still cared about my appearance applying only lip liner can enhance one’s natural beauty more than you think. Lining your lips makes the face pop whether you have makeup on your face and eyes or not. Adding a sparkly gloss on top truly completes the look.

I hope these tips and tricks benefit you as much as myself. Never forget, rocking your natural beauty over anything else is the most gorgeous look any lady can pull off. Even Kim Kardashian rocks the natural look every now and then, it’s well-needed!


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