Rabat-Salé: nouvelle phase de développement pour le tramway

Par Ayoub Khattabi le 05/08/2022 à 18h14

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The société du tramway de Rabat-Salé (STRS) is about to launch a call for tenders to carry out additional studies related to phase 3 of the development project of the tramway network in the Rabat-Salé-Témara agglomeration. L’ouverture des plis est prévezée le 6 septembre prochain.

In the framework of phase 3 of the development project of the Tramway network of the Rabat-Salé-Témara agglomeration, the new studies concern lines 4 and 6, as well as a road map for the following phases, for a cost of 7.8 million dirhams.

The first mission of the cabinet d’étude consists of carrying out preliminary studies relating to new lines or extensions of lines for the north of the city of Salé.

scheme 1

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The second mission will focus on defining the subsequent phases of the tramway project to realize the lines and sections of the remaining lines of the scheme director.

It is about prioritizing the realization of these lines and sections of lines according to clear and appropriate criteria (ex: opportunity, economic profitability of sections, state of progress of studies, reduction of disturbance to urban view, programming of projects connexions, financing, etc.). Une feuille de route will be established. It will list the remaining phases and give each phase the consistency to be realized, the temporal programming and the estimated cost.

Pour rappel, in 2020, the STRS started the studies relating to the first consistency of the development program of the tramway network of the Rabat-Salé-Témara agglomeration. Ces études ont porté sur un linear total d’environ 37.1 km et concernent les sections et les prestations suivantes:

Scheme 2

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The extensions of line 2 are planned in Rabat to reach the southern zone of the district of Yaacoub Al Mansour and reinforce the mailage of the tramway network in Salé, to serve the areas of Salé El Jadida and Technopolis.

Line number 3 will allow you to reach the city of Témara, passing through the urban center of Hay Riad à Rabat.

La branche de connexion L1-L1 à Rabat will ensure the service of the LGV d’Agdal station.

Line number 4 will serve the commune of El Youssoufia in Rabat.

Line number 6 will allow you to reach the future urban zone of Al Boustane, which will be open to Rabat.

Par Ayoub Khattabi


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