Revista Science Advances recognizes the findings of Uruguayan researchers on Covid-19

Investigators del: Instituto Pasteur y: Udelar: they advanced in the mechanisms to understand why some people develop a serious illness.

The investigation was carried out through studies of cancer and immunotherapy on infection covid-19, which featured the collaboration of specialists from Argentina, Brazil and France. The discovery was recognized and published by the prestigious scientific journal Science Advances.

One of the researchers, Mercedes Segovia, said: Subrayado: who received the news with joy and who entered the magazine required several steps, for example, revision and long-term work. The idea is to continue participating in the magazine with themes related to cancer that includes collaborators from Brazil and the region.

Applying knowledge of the study of cancer and immunotherapy to the investigation of the infection by covid-19, the researchers of Pasteur and Udelar obtained results that allow a better understanding of the mechanisms by which some people develop a serious illness.

Since 2017, they have been working with the Coronavirus, but in laboratory animals. At the beginning of the pandemic, they started investigating people. There is a protein that makes rats suffer from severe covid and they decided to study it in humans, reaching the conclusion that those who had a “smaller expression of this protein triggered a very large inflammation”, explained the researcher.

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