Riga Airport of Latvia to Purchase New Explosives Detection System for Checking Hand Luggage

Riga Airport of Latvia will purchase a new explosives detection system to control passengers’ hand luggage by using financial savings from the European Cohesion Fund.

Through a statement issued on June 30, the Ministry of Transport of Latvia emphasized that the purchase of the system is foreseen by the changes in the contract signed with the Central Agency of Finance and Contracts for the use of Cohesion Fund funds, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports .

In this regard, the Chairman of the Board of the “Riga” Airport, Laila Odina, said that the airport has already signed a contract and is implementing the installation and integration of a new explosives detection system in the airport’s baggage handling infrastructure to check the registered baggage of passengers.

“Along with the amendments to the contract with the Central Finance and Contracts Agency for the purchase and installation of a system that meets the requirements of the third standard, also for hand baggage control, we are significantly modernizing all baggage control at the airport,” she also noted.

The new X-ray inspection system is expected to be installed by the end of 2023. It will also serve as a simpler and faster process for checking hand luggage, as passengers will no longer need to remove liquids and electrical devices from their luggage.

In addition, this new system will also improve the detection of prohibited articles, thus improving the quality of security controls and epidemiological safety.

“As previously reported, the airport is also preparing to replace the existing baggage conveyor system to adapt it to the equipment of the third standard explosive detection system. The new system for detecting explosives in baggage must be operational by September 1, 2023, ” the statement reads.

As the Ministry explains, the “Riga” airport is implementing ambitious works regarding developing the airport’s infrastructure and territory. The same points out that a second connecting road has been built at the airport with a quick departure, which will help reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, axle lights have also been installed on these connecting roads.

The support of KF has led to the reconstruction of the entrance roads of the public part of the airport, from which the rainwater drainage system and the lighting infrastructure were also modernized.

The Ministry has revealed that the total financing available for the project is in the amount of 23,049,010, including the financing of KF with 11,484,765 and the financing of VAS.Riga International Airport”With no less than 11,564,245.

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