ROI UP Group creates an area specialized in Life Science

Conscientes de la importancia del salto qualitativo en la transformation digital en el: pharmaceutical sector in more than five years, ROI UP Group:has inaugurated ROI UP Life Science. It is its own international business area in the Life Science sector, composed of multidisciplinary teams of experts in fields such as SEO, Analytics, Creativity, SM and Communication. Certified Gold Partner of Sitecore, the agency is also specialized in technologies such as Veeva CRM, Drupal, Magento or Wordpress.

This inauguration of the multichannel company created in 2011 is part of its global strategy to establish synergies with brands and companies in the health sector. De hecho, desde hace varios años, assiste a clientes internacionales en amítos: Life Sciences:, tales como el veterinario o el pharmaceuticalo, cosmetico, biotecnológico o sanitario, entre otros. For this, it has the intervention of a team of 40 experts.

Life Science and digital transformation of companies

Basández en la: integration of data and implementation of predictive capabilities, diseño de experiencias de cliente personalizadas constitue el eje vertebrador de la nueva área de especialización de la subsidiaria. So, Luis Fantini, CTIO of ROI UP Group, has expressed that “it is a crucial moment for these sectors. Su digitalización lleva tiempo en marcha y ahora es el momento de un cambio de fase. De cara a los próximos años, los predictive models will be the key para afrontar una realidad convulsa y cambiante. Nosotros podemos aportarles todo nuestro know how based on years of experience to face new challenges”.

Simultaneously, ROI UP Group has set other objectives to develop this new business area. En concreto, aspira a: contribute como impulsor externo:aportando su granito de arena a la transformation digital. And, at the same time, he hopes to elevate his strategic level with her Implementation of exigent strategies designed ad hoc para clientes de relevancia internacional, mainly asentados en Suiza.

Underscoring the particular digital conjuncture that currently traverses the agencies, Diego Jiménez, CEO of the Group, values ​​this new hit as an opportunity and positive. In this sense, the executive assured that “since we started our adventure, we have been progressively specializing in the sector sanitario, pharmaceutical, cosmetic o biotecnológico para convertirnos en compañeros viaje de las companies de estos mercados. These are strategic sectors that gain more relevance every day. ROI UP Life Science will be the medium where you can download all our knowledge for you desplegar todo su potential en el mundo digital“.

Actions formatives and divulgatives

Derivado de esta nueva profundización digital: In the aforementioned sectors, the company is involved these days in diverse formative and divulgative cycles, such as “Digital Lunches of Life Science”, organized by The Valley business school.

Por ello, el próximo 30 de noviembre la agency protagoníará los “Desayunos digitales de ROI UP”, where the current state of the digital industry in Life Science will be analyzed from diverse prisms. Precisely, Antonio Juan Juan, director of Strategy of ROI UP Group, director of ROI UP Catalunya and lecturer in The Valley, will act as moderator of this initiative in person in Barcelona. In this sense, the aforementioned expert in marketing and strategy has assured that “it will definitely be a light and dynamic event with large doses of reality in the Life Science sector. Alejándonos de la theory y adentrándonos en la practica. Real cases of technology adopted already in hospitals, estudios de mercado, cases of success etc. y lo más importante, contando con diferentes puntos de vista. hospital, industry, technology and agency”.

Hits and collaborations of ROI UP

The company ROI UP ofrece servicios 360 en marketing digital based on the experience of their specialized multidisciplinary teams Marketing Automation:, SM, SEO & ORM, Producto Digital, Performance, Desarrollo de Software y Data & Business Intelligence. Among his achievements, in the last years he has developed an innovative platform of his own creation and a technological driver within his services of DATA-DRIVEN ADVERTISING called DAAS Suite.

On the other hand, his recent announcement of collaboration with Templeton, a multichannel branded content agency, along with the inauguration of the executive specialization area in ROI UP Life Science, constitute some of the most recent achievements with which the international MarTech agency culminates this prolific 2022.


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