Saber Uruguay logra certificacion Great Place to Work

Saber Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), a leading provider of software and technology that drives the world travel industry, announced today that the Great Place to Work Institute, a world authority and labor culture, has awarded Saber Uruguay the certification of “Great Place to Work®”, la cual está basada en dos componentes; a summary of the culture and a survey of the experience of the members of the team. Saber sobresalió and ambos.


Saber Uruguay tuvo una tasa de respuesta del 82% en la encuesta de members del equipo Great Place to Work, y el 91% de los encuestados calificaron a Saber Uruguay como un excellente lugar para trabajar.

“I’m very happy with this certification and I hope to continue working for the members of our team to pave the new way forward and continue improving even more in our culture. And Saber we work hard to make our company a place where people can grow and prosper . Nos focamos en proporciamos una experiencia exceptional para los members del equipo. Desde oportunidades de desarrollo y crecimiento profesional, hasta promover el bienestar físico y emoção, crear una cultura inclusiva y diverse, celebrar nuestros éxitos, apoyar a la comunidad y compartir momentos entertainidos” , dijo Guillermo Prosper, vice presidente de Cuentas por Cobrar y Gerente General de Saber Uruguay.

Saber does not only offer a competitive package of compensation and benefits, but it is constantly searching for new ways to improve the experience of employees. Some of the benefits of working at Saber include a paid break at the end of the year during the last week of December, as well as regular vacation days for all members of the team in the region; up to 12 weeks (or more, depending on the regulation of each location) of remunerated parental leave for new mothers and fathers after the birth of their baby or the adoption of a child under 18; y una variety de courses, seminarios web y capacitación que permiten a los members del equipo de Saber dar rienda suelta a su talento y dar lo mejor de sí mismos al trabajo.

Saber also offers health benefits at no cost to members of its team, including premium access to Headspace, Sanvello and BurnAlong applications, as well as PsychHub videos. The team members can also take advantage of the EAP employee assistance program, which offers support and free and confidential tools, which include five counseling sessions for team members and family members on topics such as emotional support and/or well-being, orientación financiera, asesoración familiar y de relaciones, así como ayuda legal.

“Our objective is to continue building a solid and healthy culture where the members of our team can contribute the best of themselves to work. For this to happen, we know that their welfare must always be a priority. The members of our team have expressed high levels of satisfaction and recent surveys, por lo que estamos encantados de que esta certification confirme que Saber es un excellente lugar para trabajar”, added Prosper.

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