¡Sale el campeón! Mira lo que les resta a los candidates al Torneo Clausura

The 16th day of the Torneo Clausura reached its end and the upper part of the table adjusted even more with the victory of Sporting Cristal and Alianza Lima and also practically ruled out two teams after the tie between Universitario and Melgar.

Los celestes, como ha sido en toda esta recta final, tienen las mejores chances de llevarse el tournament. Los rimenses dependen only de ellos y, si ganan lo que les queda, they will ensure their presence in the final for the national championship.


Behind them is the Alianza Lima, which with its victory in Cusco has placed two points and is attentive to any obstacles that the brewers may have, who, like them, have only one exit from Lima.

With less possibilities, Atlético Grau and César Vallejo meet, both of which are four units away from the leadership. Los albos aún tienen que descansar en la última fecha y, a pesar de su buena racha, parece que las fechas no le alcansan a los poetas.


Back, in the fifth position, is Melgar, who complicated more his chances in the Clausura tournament, but saved a good point before Universitario to add to the accumulated table and move to the second place.

Next, this is what remains for the candidates for the Torneo Clausura:

1. Sporting Cristal (35 pts.)
Atlético Grau (L)
Alianza Atlético (V)
Carlos Mannucci (L)

2. Alianza Lima (33 pts.)
Binacional (L)
Ayacucho (V)

3. Atlético Grau (31 pts.)
Sporting Cristal (V)
Melgar (L)

4. U. César Vallejo (31 pts.)
San Martín (V)
Binacional (V)
D. Municipal (L)

5. FBC Melgar (30 pts.)
Sports Boys (L)
Atlético Grau (V)
Alianza Atlético (L)

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