SM Entertainment reveals the aespa lightstick along with its features

SM Entertainment finally revealed the first official lightstick of his female rookie aespa, días antes de superado comeback musical:

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The year of one year and even the months of the debut of ape with “Black Mamba” in 2020 has increased its popularity to its conceptual versatility. Given the incredible theories, the use of artificial avatar technology and its extravagant musical concepts.

At the beginning of the week, in the official news of SMTOWN, the agency confirmed that the finals of July is being sold worldwide official lightstick of aespa. See the pre-sale on July 6th at SMTOWN & STORE and YES24.

Source: SM Entertainment


This product has a basic and very simple design inside the sphere that can be modified with distinct symbols that represent each idol, as well as four levels of light: aespa On, aespa Blink, aespa Flicker and aespa Mode.

The main letters “aespa” can be replaced with four different emblems which tend to have a meaning for each integrative and its avatars. Although SM Entertainment has revealed in the same article as the emblems, convertible insignia, are not included as tal and deben to buy separately.

The emblem of snowman representa Winter, el corazón and Karina, mariposa a Nigning y el cycle with a lazo and Giselle. These will be released next July 30th in the primer fan meeting de las chicas con sus fans My’s en Corea.

On the other hand, aespa has produced its exit showcase in the United States along with various promotions on radio and national television. Este July 8 the chicas volverán luego de nueve meses de su ultimo comeback con «Savage», siendo el lanzamiento de ‘GIRLS’ su second mini album until now.

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